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Almighty has created the Universe with various elements like Air, Water, Fire and the Human being is encircled in different lustrous activities such as Mutual Interactions, Business--leading towards prosperity right from the limits of home to the extent of palatial villa. Due tocontinuous Industrialisation, man/woman became very materialistic and competitive in their nature of job. Due to all this, the main aspact effected, pertaining to human body was concerning his/her health. It is a well known fact; Wealth is lost-nothing is lost, Health is lost-some thing is long and if the Character is lost-every thing is lost. Now here the Wealth is not carrying much value but the actual loss starts with deterioration in health. Deterioration in health may be because of numerous factors and from kind of person to the other. Situation started worsening, taking the Mortality rate in considerations.At this time of juncture, The Reiki Grand master Shri. Ajay kumar Vaidh ji, who specializes in almost all the latest Holistical remedies through varied ancient practices in India, offered all his spiritual therapies for the patients.Vaidh ji is very renowned for all types of healers; what to talk about only Tarot and Space healer (The art of identifying negative energies and suggesting the alternative remedies to cure the same). In this web site, there is detailed know how of what N.H.M.C. is providing in the field of remedies right from latest therapies to the extent of Abhishek activities for its patients and needies. Latest therapies of N.H.M.C. include the Gem stone therapy, Crystal Bowl healing, Mudra therapy, Laal Kitab, Sound therapy, and various other healings The following predictions are offered under the Predictions Package, based on Indian Astrology.

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