Our Courses

Certificate Course

Certificate Courses are designed for the students who are putting their first step in the respective subject. This course gives you the basic knowledge of the subject and helps you understand the logics.

Diploma Course

Diploma courses are the advanced courses of the chosen subject. Through a diploma course a student will get advanced knowledge about the subject. It is designed for a student who already knows the basics of the subject. To admit in this course students needs to clear our certificate course examination.

Advanced Course

This course is specially designed for the students who wish to make a career in astrology. This course covers basic as well as advanced study in the chosen subjects. In addition to it offers practical sessions on the subjects. After completing this, a student is capable of practicing the subject professionally.

One Day workshops

NHMC holds one day workshops from time to time to help students upgrade their knowledge and skills. This workshop is accustomed with latest advances on the subjects. Students can also share their knowledge and experience.

Correspondence Courses

we have introduced our correspondence courses for the distant students. They can study from us through notes and meet for any queries. This course helps you to understand all the basics of the subjects without coming to the center. Professors would mail assignments and lecture notes to students, who would return assignments and projects for grading.

One Day Courses / Two Day Courses

NHMC has introduced one/two day course module for students who cannot commute regularly to the institute for studies. These courses are held on Saturdays/Sundays and are a 6 hour regular class in which a student can cover the basic course (one day) and advance course (two day) of a subject. A student can meet us for clarifications or problems if faced after completing the course on fixed schedules. These courses are designed in such a way that they give you enough knowledge about the subject and help you start your practice.

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