Attunements or ShaktiPaat

Attunement is a form of energy medicine originally developed by Lloyd Arthur Meeker (1907 – 1954) and his colleagues. Meeker taught and practiced Attunement as a central feature of his spiritual teaching and ministry, Emissaries of Divine Light. Attunement is taught as a personal spiritual practice and as a healing modality offered through the hands. Emissaries of Divine Light believe that Attunement is a pivotal factor in the conscious evolution of humanity.

Attunement is based on Lloyd Arthur Meeker's vision that the human body is designed to be the temple of God. The foundational principle underlying Attunement is what Meeker named as The One Law, or the Law of Cause and Effect. Emissaries of Divine Light teach that the causative factor in spiritual regeneration is the universal power and intelligence within all people, and that through response and opening to that power and intelligence, people experience healing Attunement practitioners believe that positive shifts in consciousness release a healing energy through a person's body, mind and emotions. Traditionally, the Attunement practitioner is referred to as a server and the recipient is referred to as a servee

Attunement servers believe they transmit universal life energy through their hands to the servee. The primary connecting points on the servee are the endocrine glands. Attunement servers teach that the endocrine glands are portals for universal life energy that operates through the physical body, and through the mental and emotional function of the individual, and that the servee has the opportunity to open more fully to the life energy within them through receiving an Attunement. Emissaries of Divine Light hold that the origin of universal life energy is divine in nature and that the core reality of all people is divine. The goal of Attunement is to increase the energetic flow while removing blockages to that flow so that a person's core reality can emerge.

Lloyd Meeker taught that the human connection to universal life energy relies on pneumaplasm, which was his name for the aura of subtle energy, or etheric body surrounding the physical body. Attunement practitioners believe that pneumaplasm is generated when the universal life energy flows through a person, and that the clarity of the pneumaplasmic body depends on the clarity of that energy flow. Attunement practitioners focus on clarifying and enriching the pneumaplasm associated with the endocrine glands and the anatomical systems of the body. Practitioners believe that the endocrine glands translate seven aspects of the universal life energy into the human experience. They name these as the Seven Spirits

Gland Spirit
Pineal Love
Pituitary The Womb
Thyroid Life
Thymus Purification
Islets of Langerhans Blessing
Adrenal gland Single Eye
Gonads New Earth

Attunement practitioners relate these Seven Spirits to the Seven Spirits of God referenced in the book of Revelation in the Bible.Some Attunement practitioners correlate the seven endocrine glands with seven chakras of body


At the core of the teaching of the technique is the establishment of an energetic circuit between the practitioner (server) and the client (serve.) Practitioners seek to establish that circuit by the radiant extension of life energy through the dominant hand of the practitioner to the gland or organ of the client, and the receiving of life energy through the opposite hand from a corresponding contact point in the body.

Meeker taught that the first step in the Attunement process was the alignment of the cervical vertebrae by the radiation of healing energy through the hands on either side of the neck. Contemporary Attunement practitioners continue to teach attunement technique that begins and ends with an Attunement of the cervical vertebrae. Often, the cervical Attunement is followed by Attunement of the endocrine glands and some of the major organs of the body

Spiritual practice

As a spiritual practice, Attunement is intended to connect a person more closely to their spiritual source and to open the flow of life current The practice includes conscious attention to the quality of spirit expressing through the practitioner in the daily living of life, and specific periods of meditation in the beginning and ending of each day, taught as Sanctification in the Evening and the Morning A central aspect of Attunement as a spiritual practice is referred to by Emissaries of Divine Light as spiritual centering, which they define as a daily practice of opening thoughts and emotions to the spiritual.

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