Crystal Ball Gazing & Dowsing

Crystal Ball Gazing is comparatively a very old way of Astrology where as the astrologer can gaze the actual facts which can help the patient to reach to the destiny. In fact Crystal means the clear water in a solid state. Why the astrologer gaze through the crystal ball only because it gives the concrete reasons and clues and otherwise also Crystal has some iron elements also in it; only this particular fact determines, Crystal ball has high magnetic field that helps the Astrologer to reach to a positive conclusion.

The following are the significant effects of Crystal Ball Gazing:-

  • If the gazing is done with full concentration, the actual effects of the incident start coming out by itself.
  • Gazing creates firm determination which helps to predict the future incidents and happenings.
  • Concentration of mind; because of Gazing, helps to bring the concrete reasons of happenings instantly.
  • Crystal Ball gazing, not only solves the present problems but also predicts the future happenings to a considerable extent.

Dowsing is best known for finding water and lost objects. It is also used to find ley lines or the energy meridians in the earth across areas of land. Pendulum dowsing is a variation of the total system. It needs to have a long chain, piece of string, length of cotton or leather string tied to it so that it may swing freely.

There are different theories about how dowsing works although it is not known exactly how, but the information received is outside the five senses so it appears that we can use it to tap into our hidden powers by bringing together the rational and intuitive faculties, the left and the right sides of the brain to access knowledge outside normal conscious awareness. There are very positive explanations which have suggested that there was a very close attraction between specific minerals and rods cut from certain trees and that underground water, gold or oil emit a strong natural energy which the diving tool picks up like an aerial and transmits to the dowser. Some say that the pendulum has a mind of its own and as an inanimate object has statues inside waiting to be freed. Divination traditionally meant getting in touch with a god or for inspired direction for a future course of action.

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