Shani Abhishek & Rudra Abhishek

Shani Abhishek is performed during the Shani Amavasya days. The Triyodasi falling on a Saturday is called as Shani Triyodasi. Those people who are suffering due to the adverse effect of Sani, or those natives who are undergoing the period of Elenati Sani (Sade-Sani), Ardhastama Sani, Ashtama Sani or its antar dasa are generally advised to perform necessary remedial measures to please the Lord Sani to beget his blessings. It is a very well known fact that it is difficult to please Lord Shani Bhagavan. That is the reason why, natives awaits for the day to perform remedial measures so as to nullify the negative effects of Lord Shani Bhagavan.

On the day of Sani Trayodasi, people have to perform tailabhishekam. Some black grams, 100 grams of ginger oil packet, one kilo coal, a small black ribbon, 8 iron nails, some Navadanyams that is to be tied in a black cloth and donate the same to the temple priest or drop the same in a running water will definitely please Lord Shani Bhagavan. Offer food items to a crow and feed the needy persons. Do not purchase oil, leather, umbrella, Navadanyams etc., on this Saturday. Distribute rice with salt meals to poor people. Distribute black clothes have to be donated to the poor people on Saturday. It is advised to recite at least 108 times the following mantra to please Lord Shani Bhagavan. People have to perform pujas and abhishekams to please Lord Shani Bhagavan.

Offer Oil to Shani Maharaj--

You have the following options

  • One-time offering - Tail abhishek offering on any one date of your choice
  • One-month offering - Tail abhishek offering on all Saturdays for 1 month
  • Three-month offering - Tail abhishek offering on all Saturdays for 3 months
  • One-year offering - Tail abhishek offering on all Saturdays for entire 1 year

Please note that there is NO edible Prasad that comes from Shani temple as it is considered inauspicious.

We offer oil on your behalf with your name and gotra at the Swayambhu Shani idol at Shingnapur, Maharashtra & will send you a report along with the following:

  • Naal offered to Shri Shaneshwara
  • Dhaga offered to Shri Shaneshwara
  • Shani Yantra

The usage of these items are as follows -

  • Thread (Dhaga) -- You have to wear it for 21 days. And then, drop into water (For MEN only!)
  • Naal -- It is U shaped metal. Fix at the right top of the main door of home/office
  • Yantra -- Keep in your purse (especially in difficult times)

You will get these items one by one every week with the offering report.

Rudra Abhishek

According to the Hindu mythology and the ancient Hindu Vedic calendar, the month of Sarvann is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva is the supreme of all Gods, also known as God of Gods. He is the eternal state of human kind and is the least excited state of consciousness. Lord Shiva is the source of creation and the home of unified world. He is the silent, everlasting, and unchanging source of diversity.

Due to the relationship between the Lord Shiva, Saturn, and the Rudra, Maha Rudra Abhishek is the one of the most powerful and very important as well as an effective remedy to eradicate the negative effects of planet Saturn. Unhappiness, problems prevailing form a long time, diseases along with any type of situation which was not resolved from a long time can be eliminated by the help of this abhishekam. With the proper implication of this abhisheka, all the problems from the life of an individual will be eradicated.

How To Perform Rudra Abhishek

Maha rudra Abhishek is performed once in a lifetime. This yagna is performed to get the blessings of the Lord Shiva. It is considered as the best remedial solution for removing the negative effects of the heavenly bodies and get success as well as prosperity in life.

All the rituals performed here are similar to those performed in the Ekadasa Rudra Homam. However, here 121 pandits are involved who recite the Rudram about 11 times in one day (i.e. 1331 times reciting the Shri Rudram). In addition, instead of one-day recital this yagna is also performed for 4 days in which 33 pandits are involved to complete the 1331 Rudram japas.

After the yagna the homa is performed using special ingredients and the remaining japas are done while performing the homa. In addition, along with 121 pandits who are involved in performing the yagna there are 10 more pandits, who take care of the abhishekam process.

This yagya is very propitious and one must be very lucky to get this yagya performed. Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati bless the worshipper with the eight

types of wealth. This yagya is extremely helpful and must be performed by the help of expert Vedic pandits.


  • It helps in minimizing the malefic effects of the moon.
  • The Maha Rudra Abhishekam also removes the evil effects of Pushya, Punarvasu and Ashlesha Nakshatras and make them beneficial.
  • It removes the negativity from life and brings peace as well as prosperity in life. It also blesses the individual with the healthy mind and good spirit.
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